Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

The Best 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

The Best 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software
The Best 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

WhatsApp is most trending Social networking application nowadays. It helps you to call, chat and share documents with your friends and family. But most of the people have a tendency to use this program in a wrong way that makes it very important to look at the WhatsApp actions. But how to track WhatsApp of the doubted individual. Well, now its simple with the assistance of phone tracking programs which lets you check the chat conversations and peview the files that are attached. Here, you can assess the best phone tracking applications which makes it feasible to track the WhatsApp of the targeted devices.

– Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software
– Part 2. How to Track WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Videos Easily

Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software
Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

1. CellSpy

CellSpy is your top spying application which allows you various solutions regarding the way to monitor WhatsApp. Its smart and reliable control panel makes it simple for the consumers to inspect that the WhatsApp discussions, GPS location, web browsing history, telephone log information and a lot more. This app comes with compatbality to both Android and ioS devices, which produces a trusted alternative for those users.

Why Recommend This WhatsApp Tracking App:

– This instrument is extremely compatible with the Android and iOS devices.
– It efficiently workd on Social media apps like WhatsApp.
– it is easy to spy text messages, telephone log information, contacts with this tool.
– Also, you can assess the actual tme place of the target device.


– It supports Latest Android Versions like 7.0 and also iOS 11

Download CellSpy App at: https://cellspy.org/10-ways-to-hack-whatsapp-account/

2. SpyStealth

Now your queries about how to track WhatsApp, gets solved with SpyStealth. This monitoring program is very trustworthy and dependable. Every user can easily deal with this program and it offers bundled of attributes which makes it easy for them to spy on the targeted devices. You can easily monitor the WhatsApp activities, mobile activities including the sent and received messages.

Essential Features of SpyStealth:

– Very reliable and simple to handle tracking program.
– This program offers you tons of attributes and other tracking options.
– it is easy to monitor WhatsApp messages and other relevant content.


– Being great and reliable tool, it does not have great customer testimonials .


– It is compatible with Android and iOS 9.x.

3. The Spymaster Pro

Another dependable cellular monitoring app from the listing is Spymaster Guru, which can assist you like pro in tracking the WhatsApp actions on the Android Device. Not only with the societal sites, also tracks the surfing history, Facebook, GPS location tracking etc..

Key Features of this Spymaster Pro

– This application features user friendly interface along with limitless ways with device monitoring.
– it is easy to monitor the WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber with this particular program on the targeted devices.
– This app is cheaper with respect to other programs.


– As per the user testimonials, it creates difficulty using the monthly payments, but you may set up the payment method.


– This applications provides compatibility on Android 6 Marshmallow and 7.

4. Highster Mobile

This application is one of the top monitoring application which can spy on someone’s WhatsApp conversation, especially for the Android Devices. It’s a user responsive interface and comes with one payment choices. After you get this application installed on the target device, it provides the reports on the online account. You can easily spy on WhatsApp actions, check call log information and messages.

Essential Features of Highster Mobile:

– Comes with user responsive interface, simply install it and revel in regular reports by your account.
– You have to make the payment once and is comparatively cheap than other apps.


– This app comes only with basic features and now latest upgrades.


– It supports Android 2.1 and preceding versions. For iOS versions it supports iPhone 7 and also iOS 10.x.

5. Surepoint Spy

Surepoint is another spying application for Android users that can easily monitor the WhatsApp actions of the targeted device. With this app you can easily assess the WhatsApp messages on your partner, children and uses apparatus. This program is very easy in installation and provides reliable services to the users.

Essential Characteristics of Surepoint Spy:

– This application allows you an easy access to the WhatsApp activities of the target device.
– User firndly and simple in installation.
– Offers good credibility with respect to the client reviews.
– you could also check web browsing history, assess contacts, text messages and emails.


– This program doesn’t allow you to block the unwanted sites or related apps.


– This application supports Android 2.3 and preceding versions.

Download at Best WhatsApp Tracking App

Part 2. How to Track WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Videos Easily

Are Managing the problems like How to track WhatsApp? At this time, you don’t have to be concerned since CellSpy ends up to be a better option to monitor social networking applications like WhatsApp. It offers you other excellent spying features as well to inspect the web browsing history, telephone log details, messages etc..

Why Pick This WhatsApp Tracker:

– It monitors text messages, call log history and famous social media applications.
– Effectively tracks the real-time GPS location of the target device.
– You can chect the WhatsApp messages and chat conversations involving the shared files.
– It also provides you with an choice to preview the files like images and videos of the target device.

Easy Steps to Remotely Track Someone’s WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Videos

Step 1. Get Signed up with CellSpy

Go to the official website of CellSpy to create your accounts. This will make your free account with CellSpy.

Step 2. Enter Details of the Targeted Device

Here, you have to enter the right details of this target device which includes the”Name” and”Age” using the operating system if the target device. Select Android or iOS.

Step 3. Complete the Setup Procedure

For monitoring WhatsApp that’s installed on the Android phone, you want to set up CellSpy app firstly.

In case you have to monitor the Android apparatus, then you have to install this program on it. When you have installed the application, launch and sign up with your CellSpy account. Thn you have to select Allow Pernmissions into the CellSpy app. As you click on Start Tracking, the app icon will vanish and this indicates that the app is working.

You can also track iPhone WhatsApp messages, photos and videos easily.

To monitor the iOS device, you want to have the iCLoud Username and Password on he target device. Afterwards you have to verify the credentials as youenter them.

Step 4. Spy on WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Videos

As the CellSpy syncs with the apparatus info, go to the control panel. In case you’ve iPhone choose the”WhatsApp” option and for Android select,”Social Apps” then”WhatsApp”.

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