5+ Mobile Spy Free Features

People want more features in spying app to know every detail about the particular person. There are different types of spying that require money to use. But this mobile Spy free app is free to use. You can use it without any worry because it is undetectable. There are many finest features in this app. This app is very famous around the world because it is free and easy to use. If you download any spying app and you are confused about how to use it, then it is a waste of buying. That is why this app has a clean interface and user friendly. The advantage of the app is that it does not consume more battery like any other spying app.

The space of the app is very small, so it will not consume more storage. The app runs smoothly and does not make your phone lag while using it.

Features of Mobile Spy Free App

Features of Mobile Spy Free App
Features of Mobile Spy Free App

Before using this app, you must know its features and how to use it because people will be confused while installing.

Gallery or Album

This feature helps you to open a gallery secretly. Nobody will know that you see photos and videos present in the gallery. You can watch a video presentation in the gallery without any lagging. Your internet connection must be good to use it smoothly even if your connection is 3g, that is enough.


If you are a parent and you are worried if your kid forgot the way. So you can track the person, and after seeing the location, you can call him and show him the correct way. This also helps when your kid is kidnapped or lost. This app is also helpful for girlfriends to know where their boyfriends when they are not around. This feature can also help for the manager of the company to know where the subordinates go on the time of work.

Incoming Calls and Outgoing Calls

If you have a doubt on your partner that he or she is cheating on you. Then this app can give you the right answer. You can check incoming and outgoing calls. And the best feature for you is that you can record calls and listen afterward if you want. You can even share the record calls with anyone you want because it will be stored in your device. There are many benefits when you use this feature because you will know everything about the person who communicates with another person.

View Incoming and Outgoing Messages

This feature can help the parent to know whom the kid is communicating from SMS if he or she is going through harassment. And the answer is yes then you can take action to protect your kid from these kinds of things. SMS can also tell a lot about a person’s character. If you are going to marry someone and you want to know the personal character and things, then you can download this app and install it in the targeted smartphone which you want to monitor.

Social Applications

Want to read messages and view stories then you can use this feature. The person will not know that you are using his or her social apps. You can see how many people the person talks about what he likes. This type of feature is high in demand because not every spying app gives you the opportunity to spy on every social media app. So what are you waiting for if you like this feature just download and before installing read the instructions carefully to avoid misunderstandings and trouble?

Browsing History

This feature is good for parents. If parents are not at home, they go out for work or any place. The parents should know their kid that he or she is studying or not. If the browser history is full of movies and cartoons, that means the kid was watching it and not studying. You can even show the evidence to your kid. The browsing history will let you see the topic searched timing by this you can guess at what time what the kid was watching. This feature can help the parent to protect their child from any type of internet issues. There are many internet cases where kids are getting in trouble, so to avoid you can download this application and use it.

You can even tell your kid that we have installed a spying app in your smartphone and all the activity will be recorded and shown in the control panel option. By this, the kid will know to use the smartphone in limit because he or she will get caught.


As we told you that you could spy on social media applications. But this social application is very famous around the world. In this type of feature, you can view WhatsApp messages and the status of another person in which the numbers are saved in the targeted smartphone. You can read messages of all the contacts and watch sent and received photos or videos. This feature is mainly used by a spouse to know that he or she is really loyal or not. Nowadays, the divorce rate is increasing more and more because people are not satisfied with the person.


After marriage, the person does not care about the wife or husband. So to know that your partner really loves you or not you should view messages and see whether he or she talk to someone unknown or not.