How to Download & Install Mobile Spy Free

To download and install this spying application is a little different from a normal application to install. So make sure you read every point carefully. If you do not concentrate and read then you may get caught. There are elaborate steps to be followed.

Download & Install Mobile Spy Free

Download & Install Mobile Spy Free
Download & Install Mobile Spy Free

If you follow these steps you will be able to download and install the Mobile Spy Free App easily.

Step 1

Download the apk from the website. Just click on the download button, and it will say the apk will harm your device you have to accept. Then the download will be started.

Step 2

After downloading the app when you want to install, you have enabled unknown sources from the browser setting from which you are downloading the spying app.

Step 3

Now go to Google play store. In Google Play Store, go to settings and disable play protect option. It would be best if you disabled play protects because play protect will know that the smartphone information is leaking so to avoid you have disabled it. These steps are very important.

Step 4

Now go to the smartphone settings. In that go to the notification option and disable the notification of Google Play Store app. Because if you do not disable it, then it will show the spying app notification. So we have to hide it, that is why you have disabled only the Google Play Store notification.

Step 5

Now go to the browser history and clear the particular spying app history and download history too, to avoid any trouble in the future. If the history is there, then the person will know that someone has downloaded a spying app without telling him. Delete the download apk also after installing the app. You must do everything clearly to avoid mistakes because you may not get the person’s phone back in the future so do it carefully.

Step 6

Go to Download folder and click on the apk which you have downloaded. Now install the spying application. It will take very little time to install.

Step 7

The spying app will ask permission to grant. You have to allow every single permission. If you skip, then you will not get the 100% features of the app. There are many different kinds of permission that the smartphone will ask you to allow. When you allow all, then the app will run properly, and features also work well.

Step 8

After allowing the permission, you have to create an account in the app. The app will ask for some information that you have to fill and remember the new password which you have created, and you only can again sign in. When the account is created, you have to click on the start monitoring button. When you have click from that time, all the activity will be recorded and will be shown in the control panel menu. This all steps are should be done in the particularly targeted smartphone in which you want to spy it.

Step 9

Now, on your smartphone, you have to download the same application. Now do not create the account go to sign in. You have to enter a username and password. From there you can monitor everything which is done on the other person’s smartphone.

Important things you should know

  • Both the smartphone should have a stable internet connection. Even if one does not have then the app will not do its job properly.
  • The app must be compatible with the device.
  • You should grant every permission which the app requires.
  • Do not forget the username and password. Note down somewhere to not forget.

The app must be used for a good purpose.