Best 10 Text Message Interceptor to Intercept Text Messages Free

Best 10 Text Message Interceptor to Intercept Text Messages Free

How to Free Intercept Text Messages in 10 Ways

How to Free Intercept Text Messages in 10 Ways
How to Free Intercept Text Messages in 10 Ways

With the advanced technology, you can assess different messages remotely without providing any clue to target person. Technolgy has provided wonderful text message interceptors to intercept messages at no cost. Parents who are extremely concerned about their child’s actions, today they can easily monitor their messages remotely and can get peace of mind. If you search on the internet, you’ll discover numerous tracking programs. But, only a few of them are reliable and strong. Below we are providing you free message interceptors which you may try.

– Part 1. Top 10 Apps to Intercept Text Messages Free
– Part 2. [Tutorial] How to Intercept Text Messages on iPhone and Android [Safest] – Part 3. [Tutorial] How to Intercept Text Messages by Cloning Text Messages [Not Safe]

Part 1. Top 10 Apps to Intercept Text Messages Free

Part 1. Top 10 Apps to Intercept Text Messages Free
Part 1. Top 10 Apps to Intercept Text Messages Free

1) AppSpy

Site: https://appspy.net/sms-spy/

The AppSpy is monitoring app for both Android and iPhone users. It is highly favored by parents to monitor kids activities and by professional to monitor employees activities. The app works in hidden mode means target user will not know about how you intercept text messages from another phone.

Why Recommend This Text Message Interceptor:

– It can monitor the precise location of the target user.
– It can monitor 29+ kinds of information on the apparatus like phone calls, text messages, internet history, whatsApp messages and many more.

Compatible Operating System:

– It supports the most recent Android and iOS system.

2) CellSpy

Website: https://cellspy.org/best-text-message-interceptor-apps/

The CellSpy is another supreme text message interceptor. Many smartphone users give priority to this program due to its quality and performance. It’s designed with the newest technology and valuable track different kind of information.

Key Features of CellSpy:

– It isn’t hard to install on Android along with iPhone apparatus.
– The app can monitor various social networking apps such as Facebook and Snapchat.


– Its advanced features are pricey.

Compatible Operating System:

– iOS 7-8.4v, iOS 9.0 — 9.1 and Android new edition.

3) TrackMyPhone

Site: https://trackmyphone.net

The TrackMyPhone monitoring app is trusted by most caring parents globally to monitor intercept messages of the kids. In only three easy and simple steps, you are able to monitor the target device . It’s safe and protected to download on your apparatus.

Key Features of TrackMyPhone:

– It may track the Gmail account, message logs, and much more information remotely.
– You are able to block software on the target device.
– It can also readily recover deleted messages.


– The program free version has limited features.

Compatible Operating System:

– This works with Android versions 4.1 to 8.1+.
– It supports all iPhone versions.

4) The Truth Spy

To intercept text messages from a different phone, the spy is a powerful monitoring app. This undesirable program works with both the Android and iPhone OS. This program is intended for parent management, employee monitoring and to catch a cheating spouse.

Key Features of The Truth Spy:

– It has ambient listening attribute. Through this feature, you can listen into the environment of the target device.
– it may also record telephone calls of the user.
– Using its keylogger attribute, you can check what target consumer is typing on his phone.


– In its support webpage, there’s a shortage of information as compared to its counterparts.

Compatible Operating System:

– Android version which is below and equal to 7.1
– It can be used with iOS versions.

5) Highster Mobile

The Highster mobile is just another famed monitoring program. It is secure and safe to put in and to monitor messages remotely. It’s also beneficial to recoup old deleted messages. It’s compatible with many devices such as Android, iPad, and tablet.

Essential Features of Highster Mobile:

– It may track Instagram and Facebook actions of the target user.
– You can view images and videos of the target device.


– The downloading process takes a very long time.

Compatible Operating System:

– Android version 2.1 and over.
– All iOS versions including iOS 10.x.

6) Spyzie

The Spyzie is very helpful to intercept text messages from another telephone. It has a capability to run entirely in hidden mode.

Key Features of Spyzie:

– It’s a user friendly interface.
– To monitor, you do not need to root your device.


– Occasionally, place tracking features don’t work on an iPhone apparatus.

Compatible Operating System:

– Android versions 4.0 or above.
– iOS 10.0 or over.

7) Spy Phone App

The Spy Phone App for text message interceptor is produced out of advanced technology. It has numerous capabilities.

Essential Features of Spy Phone App:

– It may block numbers, programs and many more things about the target device.
– It can also track the twitter account.


– It does not have a paid version so that it means the app has fewer features.

Compatible Operating System:

– It runs on iOS versions including 6.x to 9.02.
– It works with Android variants.

8) SpyHuman

The SpyHuman monitoring app is just another amazing app which is preferred by many concerned parents.

Key Features of SpyHuman:

– Its setup process is easy.
– It can track a broad selection of information.


– It can’t track real-time data.

Compatible Operating System:

– It supports Android version 3.1 or over.

9) Copy 9

The SpyHuman monitoring app is another wonderful app which is favored by many worried parents.

Key Features of Duplicate 9:

– It is simple to install
– It is easily accessible from a browser.
– you might also see telephone logs and calendars occasions of the target device.


– It is now unavailable for iPhone users.

Compatible Operating System:

– Android OS 4.0.3 to 7.1.1.

10) MobiPast

The MobiPast spy app to intercept text messages from the other phone is another very best alternative. It also has a capability to monitor multiple data.

Key Features of MobiPast:

– It can track many social networks messages.
– It can track history and passwords of the target device.
– Within a couple of minutes, you can install this program.


– It’s limited functions.

Compatible Operating System:

– It works with iOS 5, 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7.

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Part 2. How to Intercept Text Messages on iPhone and Android

The safest and secure way to intercept text messages without target phone is AppSpy. It can intercept messages on both Android and iPhone devices. Below is the detailed step-by-step guide on how best to do.

Step 1: Creating a AppSpy Account

Register an account on the AppSpy site with your legitimate email address. In case your email id is not valid, then you will not have the ability to become AppSpy login credentials.

Step 2: Completing the Setup Procedure

Now, finish the installation process to intercept text messages without target phone by filling target name and era.

Step 3: Selecting an Operating System

If you pick the iOS functioning platform, then you have to verify your iCloud details.

In the instance of an Android operating system, you have to set up AppSpy app on the target Android phone. Now, move into the target device and download the app from my.fonemonitor.com if the target device is Android. After downloading, grant and permit all necessary permissions that program needs.

Step 4. Intercepting Messages

Last, you may intercept text messages without any goal telephone by simply browsing to a owm device. You can even intercept the messages from the pc by login into AppSpy control panel. On Android and iPhone apparatus, when you login in the AppSpy by visit the website in almost any browser, you may see”Tracking” button. Harness that to begin intercepting messages. You can now remotely monitor the various type of information on this tool. This instrument works in hidden mode. It means the program icon is going to be deleted in the target device.

Part 3. [Tutorial] How to Intercept Text Messages by Cloning Text Messages

To intercept text messages by copying text messages is achieved by only 1 way and it is Phone Cloning. The method of mobile cloning is mostly employed by offenders and isn’t safe to use. It’s not a legal approach to intercept text messages. Thus, it may be a chance that if you attempt to do this method. Then, you will need to confront an authorized punishment.

With Telephone cloning, you can move important data from one mobile device to another device. Another cell phone will grow to be the clone of the original phone. The information which it is possible to transfer for example messages. Because of telephone cloning, the messages could be sent or received from both devices. The cloner can intercept text messages of the original cellphone without giving any sign.

There are two ways for this:


In this procedure, you have to modify EPROM on your mobile phone using a new chip. In this way, it is going to allow access to you to alter or modify the Electronic serial number and Mobile Identification number through software like Patagonia, your phone becomes a replica of another telephone.


This sort of cloning is accomplished by cloning the SIM card. Within this process, you need to remove the SIM card. This manner, you will extract a secret code that must intercept messages.


The above mentioned free apps for text message interceptor are a real one. For caring parents, these programs are best to see their children all activities from remotely.

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