3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

Best 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

Best 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking
Best 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

In the realm of social networking, Facebook is a famous name which has shaped a completely different trend. This social networking site has countless users all across the globe from all regions and places. Facebook is a tool that is utilized to remain connected to your family and friends even if you reside far away from them. You can talk with people and share videos and pictures together. However, it can be utilized for much more than just this function and that’s location tracking.

Using Facebook location monitoring, you can track the exact location of your friends and family . You can even share your location together. This attribute of Facebook may be employed to track a person covertly and efficiently without them realizing that they are being tracked. For whatever reason you would like to monitor the location of a person, it can not be contended that location monitoring is possible these days with proper tools.

– Part 1: How to Track Friend’s Location on Facebook
– Part 2: How to Disable Facebook Location Tracking
– Part 3: How to Track Someone’s Location with CellSpy

Part 1. How to Track Friend’s Location on Facebook

Part 1. How to Track Friend's Location on Facebook
Part 1. How to Track Friend’s Location on Facebook

Using Facebook to monitor your buddies is a very simple process and you can do it without even having to do anything manually or downloading any specific program. You are able to track the position of a individual as long as you and your buddies have enabled location sharing in their apparatus. If you’d like a foolproof method to track your friend’s location, you can try the Marauders Maps. It’s a Google Chrome extension that may monitor the location of your FB buddy through the chats with precision around 1 meter.

Step 1: Add the Marauder’s Map Google Chrome extension in the chrome store or the official website.

Step 2: Enable the programmer mode of Google Chrome extensions and also the extension is ready to track your buddy location.

Step 3: Now open the conversation history of the buddy you want to monitor and Marauder’s map will begin the process of finding his location.

Step 4: Eventually you will be exhibited the specific location of this messenger in where they sent the message.

Note: Remember that Marauder’s Map extracts the place info attached to a Facebook chat only when the Facebook place sharing is enabled on the target device. If can not track the location of a person through the Facebook chat history if they haven’t enabled location sharing.

Part 2. How to Disable Facebook Location Tracking

Tracking place could be pretty fun unless you are the one being monitored. It can be very creepy to discover that you’re being tracked by someone for quite a while without you even realizing. Although Facebook place sharing was created with the intent to allow people to share their location with their family and friends, nevertheless some people today find a way to exploit it. Criminals may use the location sharing to find out schedule of employees of a company and then target them for ransom.

Like every program or attribute, Facebook place sharing also has its pros and cons. If you don’t need your location being tracked by some shady person, it is possible to disable it everywhere. You just need to disable Location Sharing on your device. Or if you only wish to turn off location access to only Facebook program, then follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app from the program drawer of your smartphone. Harness the”More” icon that looks like three horizontal bars. Now scroll down until you reach”Account settings” and tap on it.

Step 2: Tap on the”location” option and click on the place sharing button to disable it.

Today you will not be sharing your place with somebody each time you send a message.

Part 3. How to Track Someone’s Location with CellSpy

Monitoring someone’s location using the above method is very simple but in addition, it has some limitations. It can monitor the location history of somebody if they discuss it on Facebook and the majority of individuals do not like sharing their location. Location Tracking has become essential these days for parents to track their kids. As a concerned parent, you might choose to keep track of your kid’s whereabouts. Kids have a habit of lying about their whereabouts. They could tell you they were at a friend’s place however they’d be someplace different.

So if you’re a concerned parent, then you’d want to track your child’s whereabouts with a much better instrument and CellSpy is that instrument. It’s a monitoring and spying tool which can track activities of somebody on their own smartphone. CellSpy is a monitoring solution that can track all smartphones and devices using Android or iOS operating system. If you want to track the location of an android user, you need to install CellSpy monitoring program in their device. But this feature isn’t available for iOS users due to the strict privacy policy of Apple.

Download CellSpy App at: https://cellspy.org/install-free-cell-phone-spy-app/

Why We Recommend That Tool to Track A person’s Location:

Real-time location tracking: You may observe the real-time GPS location of a person via CellSpy monitoring app on their own Android apparatus. Just set up the program on the target device and you can view their specific location real-time place as well as the areas they went.
Geofences alerts: Apart from monitoring the real-time location of a person, CellSpy also lets you set location alerts on the target. With Geofences, you can set alarms for as soon as the target leaves or arrives at a particular location marked with you.
Read text messages: Should you want to read text messages received or sent by the target person, CellSpy even allows one that. You can even find the title of the person who sent or received the messages using an exact time stamp.
View Facebook talks: CellSpy makes a record of the Facebook chats and messages. You may read messages based on various chats and conversations.

Check this site out at https://cellspy.org/install-free-cell-phone-spy-app/

Steps to Track A Person’s Location Using CellSpy

Step 2: Then on the CellSpy setup wizard, enter the specifics of the goal like title, the era of the owner and OS installed on the device.

Step 3: Download the CellSpy monitoring program from CellSpy.com and install it on the goal android device. Grant all permissions into the app and press”Start Monitoring”.

Step 4: Now sign in with your CellSpy accounts in your device and start Places from the control panel. See all the location data of the goal with the time stamps.


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