Changing the Perception of the World on Humor

Perception Humor

Picture Credits: hopesandfears

Not a long time ago, every company in the entire world drew a fine line between the meaning of work and play. So if you’re having fun while working, if you’re laughing around, having fun or even showing a playful nature towards your job, it is assumed that you’re not serious enough to handle it and you’re immature. In other words, you’re not considered professional. Over 20 years of time, as much as the traditional way of doing business has changed, people have thrown out the idea of this out of the window too. There’s more casualness around work which led a lot of CEOs and AVPs to put humor and bring happiness to work. This brought successful employees and managers who were finally having fun and enjoying their job. It is a new way to deal with stress at every workplace. Read More

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