[Spoof] How to Plan a Murder and get Away with it!

Plan a Murder

Murder. Well, we’ve all have that thought when we’ve wanted to kill a particular person because of what they did. Sometimes, it’s not just because they’re getting on our nerves, it’s so much more. At times, we get so annoyed that our mind begins planning a murder on it’s own. Well, in this post, this is exactly what we’ll teach you: Killing someone with something as small as a Lego.

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A Scientist Creates A Hole In The Space-time Continuum To Have Intercourse With And It Is Literally Out Of The World!

Picture Credits: pixabay

While you are sitting at home, munching on whatever the heck that is in your bowl, the scientific world is still not able to digest the fact that a renowned Swiss scientist Dr. Hans-Peter Birchler from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider facility was the first human to have intercourse with none other than a space- time hole! Science has advanced so much that the Swiss scientist not only tried but also succeeded in having coitus with the foundation of our being.  Read More

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