The Pilot Of The Month!

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This is about my classmate Ben who always came 2nd or 3rd in class and scored the highest marks of us all. Although, once he left school, things changed a lot for him and he couldn’t settle in a job. He got a job as a bus driver but the end of job arrived when he detoured the whole bus, drove the bus all the way home. Read More

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This Family lets you Love anyone, as long as They don’t have Body Piercings, Credit Card Debt and don’t Talk too Much!

supportive parents

Families can get annoying as hell but you really can’t do anything about it because they’re, well, family. You can’t live with them can’t live without them. No matter how much you screw up any new endeavour, they will always have your back and support you. They will support you even if that girlfriend of yours turns out to be a player and runs of with all your money leaving you in an emotional turmoil and lacking financial support (read: broke). Not to mention the free living services they offer. Read More

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A Hindu Monk pulls a Truck with his P—S And The Internet is going Crazy over It!

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As believed by many, India is a strange land with bizarre things going around. It is so magical that people make sure they experience the best of what it has to offer. The Annual Magh Mela is a famous festiva which lasts for 45 days and believers bathe in the holy water of River Sangam on the dates that are appointed. This year, it began on January 2 in India. The gathering is popular among monks and sadhus which are Hindu or Jainist holy men who are seen stark naked, according to their own beliefs. Read More

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Changing the Perception of the World on Humor

Perception Humor

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Not a long time ago, every company in the entire world drew a fine line between the meaning of work and play. So if you’re having fun while working, if you’re laughing around, having fun or even showing a playful nature towards your job, it is assumed that you’re not serious enough to handle it and you’re immature. In other words, you’re not considered professional. Over 20 years of time, as much as the traditional way of doing business has changed, people have thrown out the idea of this out of the window too. There’s more casualness around work which led a lot of CEOs and AVPs to put humor and bring happiness to work. This brought successful employees and managers who were finally having fun and enjoying their job. It is a new way to deal with stress at every workplace. Read More

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